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Home > $39 Ultra Mobile Prepaid Sim Plan
$39 Prepaid Plan & SIM Kit

  • 5GB of 4G LTE, Unlimited Data at Lower Speeds
  • Unlimited Talk to 75+ Destinations
  • Unlimited Domestic and Global Text
  • Up to 1,250 bonus minutes available to 17 uTalk destinations
  • $5.00 One-Time Intl Rollover Roaming Credit
  • Mobile Hotspot Capable

$34.00 for Domestic Service and $5 for International Services provided by PLD, LLC

(SIM + $1 Regulatory Recovery Fee)

* In an effort to ensure the best possible experience for all our customers, unlimited data subscribers consuming in excess of 30GB of data prior to the expiration of their 30-day pre-paid cycle may have subsequent data speeds slowed and/or deprioritized during times of congestion or heavy network usage for the remainder of such applicable 30-day cycle.